Gardening (NYC)

Check out this lettuce!

That’s Romaine there.  We’d been away from Gnome Appetit (our currently-gnomeless (please send!) community garden plot) for over a week due to my Albany trip and wow have things grown!

We believe this is Arugula. It’s technically in the walkway but along the edge so we’re leaving it and just making a concerted effort not to trample it.

This is technically the beet patch but it seems the former owner’s dill was planted here.  Hmm.

Basil looking good.

Cilantro coming up.

Hmm.  It seems when we were watering, the seeds all migrated to one side.  This is parsley or more cilantro and…. something.  Oops.

And lastly – herbwise – the basil from seed.  Coming up great!

Nasturtiums also doing great:

We planted one tomato and one cantaloupe from the apartment. If they do well, we’ll plant the rest. More soon!


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