So inspired!

For the past week, I’ve been using my embroidery breaks to collect ‘samples’ and techniques of what others are doing there. If you want to just revel in some incredible needlecraft, spend a few minutes trolling my Pinterest embroidery board. People are so creative with textiles it blows my mind.

There are samples there of embroidery, ribbon embroidery, crewel and a few other things. Really gorgeous stuff.

Also, if you are wanting to get into embroidery, Sharon Boggen has created an incredible stitch resource system which I’m tempted to buy when I have a little more dough. It reminds me of the recipe cards of yore, but for needlework, and there are a bunch of free samples on her site you can download to test out her system. Who doesn’t like free?

As for me, I am in the middle of cutting out fabric to make view B of B5285.

I had some gorgeous pre-washed fabric in the bin, the pattern, the zipper… a perfect Stashbuster project. I’ll report soon!


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