Sizing B5285

So I spent a week on this skirt. It’s listed as “very easy” which it would be to one who knew what they were doing. Alas, I do not.

The front looks great. I made a size 18 due to the fact that I have a 33″ waist. 18 is for 32″ waist so I figured it would fit. And in a way it does. The front looks good.  The back on the other hand….

Yes, that is a bottle of wine there. Way too much room.

At first I was peeved with Butterick – I mean, I made the right size! But as my boyfriend took these photos, I realized that the skirt DOES fit great in the front. And while I do have a 33″ waist, I really have a belly so I’m suspecting I would have done better to make a size 16 (30″ waist) and then somehow adjusted the front piece to accommodate my tummy.

But I am a new sewer. This is my second skirt! And to be fair, I had this problem with the first one which fits but is not as comfortable as a skirt you made yourself should be. In that instance, I took in the extra room equally from both front and back at the side seams. Since the front fits in this instance, I’m tempted to just take in the extra from the back pieces at the side seams. Will it work?  Is this a hare-brained idea?  I’ll find out today/tomorrow when I rip it all out and baste it in.  Wish me luck!

Other issues:

The waistband.  I do not like the thinness of it. Since it seems like an easy change and I have a lot of extra fabric, I’m going to redraft it about an inch wider.  I think it will look good.

The zipper.  I took out and reinserted it for hours the other night.  I am just not great at zippers yet.  But what’s worse is I ‘trimmed’ the top which I really should have left.  I’m not sure if it bugs me enough to take out and put in a new zipper (I have one on hand so I may just do it) but it looks lame as is.

The hook and eye.  I’m not sure how this is supposed to look decent but wow does it look bad.  I’m tempted to – in the redrafting of the waistband – adjust it so I can just use a button for closure.  I could pick up some covered buttons and do a self-fabric cover which would blend in nicely.  I have NO IDEA how to redraft this stuff so it could be a disaster but, again, I have a ton of extra fabric so I’m thinking, why not?


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