This Week in Stashbusting


Okay, oops.  Too many hours on Pinterest got me completely interested in this art form and then an email from City Quilter reminded me they were offering an Intro to Silk Embroidery class this weekend, at a time and price which made me totally available and… there you go.  It was, in typical City Quilter fashion, a very relaxed and very informative three hours.  Teacher Judy Doenias taught us a lot of tips I have yet to see in the Silk Ribbon books I’ve checked out, and now I feel confident to explore on my own.  Here’s a shot of the sample stitches we worked on:

All I had on hand was black fabric so it’s very Black Light.  I’m all mod and shit. Dude.

Full confession time:  The stashbuilding could have been worse.  I had wanted to get a Sashiko kit and Crewel kit for ‘trips’ but they didn’t have anything to my liking.  I’ll have to go down to Purl Soho for that, hopefully after I’ve actually done some more destashing.  And speaking of:

HiHos Hat:

It’s HiHos (Jewish High Holidays) time and as I am/will be spending a lot of time on the subway and, as the sweater I’m making is just too cumbersome to lug around, I have moved to making the matching hat to said sweater.  I’m about 13 rows in and hopefully by the end of Yom Kippur I’ll have a new hat to show you!

Skirt Update:

I think I’ve figured out the sizing on the skirt but I’ve been so busy with rehearsals I’ve not had any time to work on it!  Still, it seems – based on this basting (ignore pockets), that I can take 6″ out of the back, leave the front the same and it will look okay.  This logic feels very wrong but it looks good.  I’m not sure.  Like why won’t it just be HUGE in the front and no fabric in the back.  So I’m thinking about it and also reaching out to the folks at Pattern Review for hopefully some sage advice.  In the interim, I did get to the Garment District to buy the covered button forms, heavier interfacing for the new waistband and other needed items. Now the only thing I need is time!  We’ll see how I do on that – time is short these days but at least I have some small projects to do in the interim.  More soon!


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