This Week in Stashbusting…

HiHos Hat – Finished!

While it IS finished, I tell you right now, this hat is getting ripped out. Seeing it on, I just do not like this hat style at all. Too wide, too boring? Regardless, too big. Ultimately: Too. The wool is fantastic, though, and I do want a hat to match my sweater so I’m now considering replacement styles: Possibles:


Links to above patterns:

Left: Chunky Slouch Hat

Center: Drops Crochet Pompom Hat

Right: Knitted Drops hat

Also tempting – remake the Drops Giant PomPom Hat. I made this two years ago with very pretty, cheap and sadly – as it turned out – OMG so itchy wool. Totally a drag. I do love the style of the hat though so it’s tempting to make it again here. Considerations:

      • The matching sweater is knit in two strands/two colors at once. The hat pattern uses two strands for the edge but one for the body of the hat. The hat is already very heavy from the pompom so I’m disinclined to just use double yarn throughout.  My thought is wait until the sweater is done and if there’s enough blue leftover do the edge and pompom in both colors but the body of that hat in blue.
      • Do I want to make this hat again? I’ve already made it twice.  Let’s reflect on this with a visual.

Not really fair to influence my decision with this picture. He could sell anything :-).

In any event, I’m totally on the fence with it all. I’ll keep you posted which way I go.

Skirt – Slowly but Surely….

After getting some helpful advice off the folks at Pattern Review, I decided to resize this slightly differently than originally planned. I did take the extra fabric near the waist out of the back piece but only to the hippoint and then went to 2″ off each side of front and back from hip to hem. Friday night was rebasting to do a check (worked) and then cutting it down and doing a final sew and finish.  Looking at photos, it seems to be pulling forward a bit but I’m letting this go on this skirt.  I think it will look fine enough in the end.  Photos of where it is now:

Good enough.  Also, it’s amazing what two different locations can do to the color!  I’d say the top is more true to reality.   I’ll post more pictures as it gets done.


I’m totally hooked on embroidery after doing those pillowcases. Taking the ribbon class just added fuel to the fire. I spent a couple nights this week learning some new silk stitches and doing, yes, more embroidery stash building – ack! We’ll get to that in a second. First the fruits of my labors:

These stitches are out of Ribbon Embroidery – Basic and Decorative Stitches by Yukiko Ogura, Ribbon Embroidery by Natalie Bellanger-Clement and Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Craft (only four stitches here – this is NOT your resource for ribbon but nice they included a few for good measure). I will say that my experience with this so far is folks are ‘very particular’ about how to do it (for good reason re: certain things) but ultimately, anything goes. We learned a very specific technique at City Quilter which I liked but which didn’t show up in either of the other two resources – granted, hardly a big scale survey. I did all the stitches from the handouts from class (several stitches from the Yukiko Ogura book which is sadly out of print) and then moved onto the Bellanger-Clement book which I bought at that time to practice at home. While I believe the Bellanger-Clement book is technically for ‘any level’ including beginner, it has, to me, incredibly confusing instruction. If I didn’t know how to embroider already, I think I’d be completely frustrated. She continually uses A and B within the same stitch to describe different moves. I find it very confusing. And the written instructions don’t really help either. I suspect this book wasn’t originally in English (although neither was the Yukiko Ogura book which has amazing explanations and diagrams). It’s a drag because the book is so visually appealing and has some great stuff in it. I’m going to soldier on with it since it’s all I have on hand at the moment but I expect to be frustrated. Not the best way to craft! Note to family: Finding that Ogura book (used – a libris?) would be a great Xmas gift. I’m just saying :-).

Stashbuilding (again)!

In addition to a few online purchases which I’ll talk about when I can show them, I did fill out my embroidery supplies a bit this week with a trip to the Garment District.

It started with some (not pictured) soft, solid white pillowcases from Jack’s discount store – $4.  I thought I’d try some  embroidery down the edges. Next came a stop at Daytona Trimmings for embroidery thread as, despite copious embroidering, all I had in house were the leftovers from the pillowcase project.  Now I have a nice variety for about $12.  At home, I reviewed Sublime Stitching and Doodle Stitching and was, as expected, inspired by all the material in there – score.  I also picked up a larger 8″ hoop to continue work on Ribbon with a sampler of the stitches I’ve worked on so far out of the Bellanger-Clement book.  As mentioned above, getting these ribbon stitches to look decent requires a lot of patience – this project should help.

And that’s the state of things here.  So much to do – so many ideas.  Once HiHos are over who knows what crafting is going to happen!


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