11 months later….

I had some time and, finally, inclination to do some crafting this weekend so I decided to finish up the Sashiko coasters I started during the 2012 election season.  Pretty spiffy if I say so myself.




I used a kit I found online (and cannot find a link to) which was almost entirely in Japanese with minimal English instructions. The kit seemed to imply that you should just turn under the edges and sew them down which makes for a pretty thin coaster. Instead I used this tutorial which uses some backing fabric and heavyweight interfacing to beef them up a bit.  Overall, they came out well and I like them.  If you look closely, you can see I need to improve my machine skills but I do feel my embroidery skills are coming along.  I realized last night as I sewed these up on my very nice and easy to use machine, that I really hate machine sewing LOL.  Hand-sewing is incredibly relaxing, I can do it on the couch, etc.  I need to find some more hand sewing projects to put my weight behind.  I suspect I’d get more done!



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