Playing with Ribbon

Last year, I decided to demystify silk ribbon embroidery and took a one day class at the City Quilter.  (If you live in NYC and haven’t checked out City Quilter’s classes, you are missing out – great teachers, great info and very laid back fun experience.)  I was instantly hooked and to be honest, I can’t figure out why.  Silk Ribbon is traditionally about sewing 3D flowers and I’m not really a floral person.   That said, the ribbon feels good, it’s very sort of slow-mo – it has sucked me in.

Practicing with the book “Ribbon Embroidery” by Natalie Belanger-Clement, I completed her easiest group of stitches, the “Small Repeating Stitches Sampler” last night.



Still a lot of improvement to be made but the project was fun and I learned a lot.  Keeping the ribbon from twisting is the main difficulty and you can really see the difference.  The stitches that look sort of tight are twisted; the ones that are wider, more fleshed out are not.

If you want to try Silk Ribbon Embroidery and are a complete newbie, this beautiful book is probably NOT the best book for you.  The instructions assume a previous background in embroidery and the stitch how-tos are oftentimes confusing – at least to me.  That said, I bought it because it was gorgeous and had a great color sense and having taken the class I’m getting enough out of it.   A fun way to spend some sewing time for sure.

Next up, an (non-silk) embroidered AND semi-quilted project.  Covering this pillow with these fabrics with some embroidery on the solids… I think.  I’ll keep you posted as we go.





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