Getting ready for Christmas

Taking a nod from Target, I am starting to put together some Xmas ideas.  As I’m between sewing projects at the moment, I decided to try out this tutorial which I’ve had saved for a while in my Evernote.  I’m still figuring it out but aren’t these the cutest?

IMG_0028 (2)All you need is a glossy magazine, some brads and scissors.  Very fun!  Close ups:

IMG_0034This is the cover of a Martha Stewart Living a neighbor left for the taking in my lobby.  If you try to do these, note the cover is very thick and made for an impressive looking but perhaps bulky bow.

IMG_0033 IMG_0031It turns out a Coke ad (top) makes a really great Xmas themed bow!  I then experimented (see below) with using thinner strips.  Which told me that thicker strips work better.  You don’t see the brad as well.   The bottom is the thinnest strips but you really see the brad. Lesson learned.

IMG_0032 IMG_0037


Still, Martha Stewart has some pretty full page color ads.  As the poster of the tut said, these are oddly addictive.   You are warned.  I see more bows in my future, perhaps even tonight!



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