More pretty

This is the design I decided to use for the center square of the new pillow cover I’m making.  Since the accompanying fabrics are pretty modern looking, I went with more of a textured design than a ‘picture’ per se.  This was my first experience with Saral transfer paper which completely ROCKS.  I cannot recommend this enough – so easy.  You just draw the design on!  Anyway, before…


And after.  This design is from the New Crewel.  The edging is split stitch and the stars are straight stitch and something she calls spiderweb.  Nice right? IMG_0058

Some closeup shots of the stitches.  I am completely in love with crewel wool – it just has the best texture.IMG_0061


I think this will go so nicely with the fabrics I picked out.  This will be the center square (the Paul Lynde, if you will) of the group, surrounded by these lovelies.


More soon….


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