Birthday gifts!

My Mom’s birthday was this weekend (today!) and I decided to go fully home made for her gifts.  She got a tin of bows and then a date book (my gift to her every year), this year covered in silk-ribbon embroidery.


I used River Silks 4mm Silk Ribbon in various colors (purchased at City Quilter) and lilac 1/2″ Organza ribbon from M&J Trimmings.  I found the wider ribbon a little tough to work with but overall I love the look of it.  I improvised the design and was really pleased with how it came out.  The base of the cover is black acetate – a scrap from a skirt of an old recital dress – backed with medium weight fusible interfacing so I could sew it without it sliding off the sewing machine and also to give it a little heft so it laid well on the book.

Here’s a close up.


Changes for next time:   I think perhaps if I were more careful, I could have reduced the amount of puckering.  Who knows, maybe not?  Also, I think using some beads on a project like this would mix it up a bit.

Still, I’m quite pleased with it and she seemed to really like it.  Additionally, my stepfather and sister really liked the bows.  May have to make more for Xmas/Chanukah gifts!


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