Color conundrum

I sewed most of this up last night but, on this pillow, I’m not feeling the white.IMG_0244

I mean, I like it but I’m not sure about its visual pop in my living room.  I’m making it to go on an all white chair (which is in too much darkness to photograph at all realistically) and just feel like it is going to disappear.  Here are some photos of my living room generally so you can see the overall color scheme.  A lot of turquoise, dark brown and bright white.



IMG_0249(My grandmother made the above collage.)

In any event, I suppose I could just finish this pillow and keep it on the couch.  The contrast would pop a lot there.  Alternatively – for the white chair – I could swap out the white around the red crewel work piece and use that same color for around the squares (not shown yet) for an easy fix… perhaps hot pink?  Orange?  I just don’t know.  Color is something I am just learning about and getting better at.  I can’t tell if a bold color would be cool or just make my head explode.  Any artists or other quilters out there have an opinion on this?  Thanks!


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