Red Pillow – Still no resolution

After seeking advice on the red pillow that was becoming too ‘white’ for the white chair upon which it is set to reside, I decided to swap out the white for a hot pink or red subtle print.  I stumbled upon this at Pink Chalk Fabrics:


I’m picky so it’s rare that I see a fabric and just think “Oh my God – THAT”. This was absolutely one of those times. I ordered a yard and just for sh!ts and giggles put it over the seat cushion which I was planning to cover at some point, later.  Honestly, it looks fabulous so seat cover it is.   The red pillow remains as it was….


I did learn a few things here though.  I bought some other red print fabric at City Quilter but working with it it’s clear that despite the red center, I am really looking for hot pink to go with my brown and bright blue living room. So it’s back to the drawing board. But at least I solved that chair cover problem.  Isn’t it luscious?



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