Oh Hai

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog a lot lately… about how I needed to blow the dust off it and get some stuff done.  Truth be told, I HAVE been getting some stuff done – mainly working on another Bucilla stocking for um, (now) Xmas 2015.  It’s not as happening as my original one but hopefully it will end up being awesome enough. I plan to actually do my name IN sequins so that should help the glitz factor.  Gotta be glitzy to be worthy of Bucilla.



It’s cool yes but not as awesome as the one I finished a while ago that awaits my BF’s name.  His is so awesome I almost can’t stand it.


The Santa, Snowman and Dog all pull out – they are individual stuffed creatures.  I’m not sure you really get how Rhinestone Stocking it is from this photo, but trust me, it’s fabulous.

In any event, I fell in October and broke my pinky.  Boom – Ground all my activities to a halt.  Really blew my stocking plan.  I started sewing again about 2 weeks ago and managed to get the stocking 75% done but not done enough for Xmas – oh well.   But at this point I have a whole pile of 75%  done projects – and it occurred to me that, really, I need a project to well, finish my projects.  Behold:

Finish it up ’15.

It has a nice ring to it, right?  I’m so excited. As of a week ago, the plan was to bang out the stocking so I have one thing just done, totally done, and to move onto the next.  Which of course meant I immediately signed up for a class.  Isn’t that always how it is?

I’ve been stalking Rachel at Stitched in Color’s Handstitched class hoping she’d re-run it.  I came across it last year right after it ended and was so. bummed.   In any event, she is now rerunning it starting 1/19 and I am so excited to learn/improve the techniques she is teaching.

So it means starting an additional… um, 15 projects.  Bygones?

The class looks ridiculously fantastic and I’m going to try to only pick up a few of the tools but other than that use what I already have on hand as much as possible (this could be wishful thinking).  The techniques taught are reverse appliqué (review for me), embroidery (review for me), English paper piecing (totally new – can’t wait), appliqué (review for me) and hand quilting.  Other than embroidery, I’ve done very little of the techniques that are a ‘review’ and had even bought some thrift items to reverse appliqué pre-pinky disaster.  So I’m psyched to get some projects done.

One thing I really like is her idea to just jump in like a kid would.  I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot for myself as I work on music (my actual ‘for pay’ art form).  Over the years, I’ve gotten very rules oriented with my singing and other musical pursuits and I realize that it’s because I have so much information/facts in my head.  I know so much about what I’m hearing and doing and my very thinky brain just loves to analyze it and notice all the details.  It likes to see how smart it is.  The result is that more often than I’d like my thinking drowns out the listening part a bit.  That I do NOT like.  I’m working again with jazz singing (I was a jazz singer from 1992-2001 before switching to rock songwriting and working harder on my classical singing technique) and noticing how much I want to analyze the music as opposed to being one with it.  It’s been interesting to turn that off and just listen – cool but challenging.  I really want to think!

So how do I apply this over to making things?  I consider myself an exclusively aurally talented/smart person, a fact that makes me want to think about sewing things even more – as a security blanket perhaps, to prevent ‘mistakes’.  But are there really ‘mistakes’ I can make in a hobby art form?  Really?  Yes, I’ll be bummed if I end up blowing my pretty fabrics but my ‘mistake’ meter is reading it as a grave error.

This thinking is not helpful.  It’s not helpful in music and not helpful here.  So anyway, my aspiration here is to take Rachel’s instruction to heart and treat this like a kid would.  Fun!

Please join me over there if you want.  I think it’ll be a lot of fun. More soon.


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