Handstitched Project #1 – Flocked Tank

As I mentioned last week, I signed up to take Rachel at Stitched in Color’s Handstitched Class.  It started this week with a lesson on reverse appliqué followed by 3 projects to use to learn this skill.  The first project is adding reverse appliqué to a double knit tank top.  Bring it on.

I don’t really do traditional skin tight tank tops (didn’t notice that until this project) so I used a handmedown yellow Theory tank top that I love to wear camping in the summer.  It’s not a double knit (it is a knit though) so we’ll see how it wears but I just love love LOVE how the reverse appliqué part turned out.


Close up!


I’m alone this week with no way to photograph myself and I’ve only so far done the front of the tank.  I’ll post a full photo spread when I complete the back – hopefully this weekend.

Applique info:

Fabric: I used ‘Sweet Meadow in Rose‘ from Jeni Baker’s Dreamin’ Vintage line


Such a charming print and perfect for summer camping, right? LOVE.

Thread:  No. 8 Pearl cotton in red (321) for the outline stitches.

I love the fabrics together.  Here is a photo without flash so you get a better sense of the colors.


Lessons learned:

Full disclosure – I did an afternoon Etsy workshop in Brooklyn with Natalie Chanin, the queen of reverse appliqué, about 5 years ago so I was not completely in the dark about how to do this.  Natalie’s style (and Rachel seems to like this as well) is to have the knots showing on the outside of the fabric for a rustic, handmade look.  For this, I wanted it to look country but clean so all my knots are on the back.

Rachel’s tips on how to do this are exceptional clear as are her instructions.  Every time I had a question, I found if I re-read the instructions carefully, she’d anticipated everything (that said, if you sign up for the class, she is very available to answer questions on the blog).  I’m very pleased with this class – beyond what I expected.

I only had white Saral transfer paper which made the transferred design almost invisible.  I ended up just mimicking Rachel’s provided template by eye (thankfully the shapes were simple since I am not great at drawing)… several times, because, wanting the design to fade, I used purple disappearing pen which disappeared so quickly on this fabric.  This was one hour after drawing.  Where’s the design?


Yikes!  So, I got really good at drawing those shapes because they kept disappearing!  Today I ran over to the art store and got a dark color transfer paper for the back.  Lesson learned.

More soon, peeps, with better photos.  Promise!


4 thoughts on “Handstitched Project #1 – Flocked Tank

  1. Rachel

    That fabric looks so very pretty this way! Great small scale for reverse applique. I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed the process and the results!


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