Handstitched Project #2 – Dogwood Blossom Block

The second project in Rachel’s Handstitched class is much more complex than the last but I’m getting through it.  It is creating a reverse appliqué block to serve as the center of a quilt we can choose (or not) to make.  Being a Type A person, I am, of course, MAKING THE QUILT!  But after tonight, ouch, I’m feeling dread – wow, this technique can be a bear.  If I were making a quilt just for me, I’d do regular appliqué, but, of course, I’m taking this class to learn stuff and thus, I preserve.  But wow, a lot of steps!

Generally, this is how far I got.  The blue portion is what I’ve been working on all night.  The pink will be the background – it’s not attached (or even cut) yet:


I followed Rachel’s instructions – printed a template, fought with curling freezer paper (note to self;  cut the freezer paper days before and flatten it under books), etc. and thought I was going forward well enough until I screwed up.  I over clipped the inner points and they wouldn’t fold down into points anymore.

So depressing. I mean, this was 2 hours worth of work – just to get to this point (pardon the pun).  Rachel suggested that many people make more than one of these blocks (i.e. a test block and then the final block) as work obviously improves with practice but overall the block was looking very good – except for those four glaring spots.

In any event, I made the points ‘narrower’ which means I basically folded over my error.  I’m on the fence, the inner are supposed to be pretty pointy and these are more square.  But I think they actually look okay.  Here’s a close up of one.


Honestly, I think this looks fine.  Looking at photos is good though because I think the curves can actually be smoothed out.  A project for Monday.  For now, I’m off to upstate with the boy with my tank top project.  I hope to post ‘finished’ pictures of that on Monday/Tuesday.  My first ‘finish’ for Finish it Up ’15.  I can’t wait!


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