Reverse Applique Block


Pretty, right?  This was a very very fussy project but thankfully it came out beautifully.  I love the fabrics and colors and am getting more and more excited for the quilt.

This is reverse appliqué again using Kona Royal for the outside, Jeni Baker’s Lazy Daisy in Raspberry from her Dreamin’ Vintage collection (most of the quilt will be from this collection as I LURVE these fabrics) and 5 strands of yellow-green DMC embroidery floss (#472) for the not-so-blind stitch border.

Close up!


Things I love:

The color combo and I especially love the blue and green thread together.  This really came out beautifully and even looks better in person.

Things I did not love:

The freezer paper was really a struggle.  It was hard to get on and Rachel’s technique has you embroider over it and it was actually hard to get off after that.  Not impossible, but annoying since it was so hard to get it to stay on in the first place LOL.  I had trouble basting – ended up using spray AND pins which thankfully worked, and the blind stitch sort of took forever.  I’d have to really want this exact look to do this again; that said, it’s a really beautiful look and the lesson really taught me a lot especially about sewing curves, dealing with the points, etc.  I learned a lot here but I am tired.

And not totally done.  I still have to square this up (10 minutes) and then make the borders so I’m ready for the next lesson in embroidery.  As I am an old hand at embroidery, I’m actually considering some modifications at least as far as this quilt is concerned.  Rachel has a template to use but I don’t really dig it; rather I came up with my own based on this template which I’ll be using instead.  Also, she seems to favor a paler quilt (with good reason – she wants to showcase the stitching) but I really prefer bright and darker colors so I’m going to mix some of those in as well.  We’ll see; if it’s ugly or overwhelming – that’s what a seam ripper is for, right?

Also, I really really dodged a bullet tonight.  I was taking a break and watching Friends and looking at  all the solids I had just ironed and it dawned on me that while I never pre-wash stuff since washing is such a pain in the ass here in NYC (closest laundry mat is a pit and blocks away), I had a lot of reds and purples in there – colors known to bleed.  I pre-washed some with woolite in the bathroom sink and THANK GOD because wow, 2 of them took 3 washings to finish leaking dye.  Grateful I had that flash of insight. They are drying in there and ready for use – later.  I’ll still use a color catcher when I do a quilt wash but wow, so glad I thought of that.  Hopefully I caught all the bleeders.

Gonna get back to it.  Have a good night, all.


4 thoughts on “Reverse Applique Block

    1. Alexandra Post author

      Thanks! Yes, I’m quite pleased. I was thinking about the freezer paper. Aside from flattening it before use, the issue could be a simple as me living in an extremely dry apartment since it is winter. I’ve used it before and done okay but that was summer which is very humid here. It’s possible.

      I’m really so pleased with this class. You’ve packed the material in – tonight I’m going to miter the corners of the part that goes around this. I’m not sure I’ve done that before – thanks for including all these details. Alex

    1. Alexandra Post author

      Thank you! And, indeed re the sewing. At first, I thought the two week periods were generous but we really do need all the time…. Back at it after work!


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