3rd time is a charm – sort of

I had 3 things to accomplish to move forward on this block project.  Take my completed reverse appliqué block, add a mitered border, then add a regular white border (to be embroidered) and then add another mitered border to finish.

The first time, I actually did it right!

IMG_0822Pleased with mitering:


But ultimately I really felt the green so close to that center square just washed the whole thing out.  So I took it out.

Then I tried this:


Which IS pretty but still wasn’t what I was going for.  And then after I finished it, I realized that that border was supposed to be 2″ wide, not 1″.  Fail.

I was pretty much out of that purple fabric due to another mishap making squares for a different part of this project that I actually abandoned.  More on that later.  But in any event, I DID have enough of the first fabric but in yellow and that seemed to look nice.  I finished that fabric off doing this but had just enough for the 2″ border.


Oddly, less washed out with yellow so it was worth it to swap it out.  But, what’s that you say?  The yellow border only looks to be 1″?  Yes, that’s because I WAS RIGHT THE WHOLE TIME about the 1″ border.  I did not need to rip out the purple.  It was actually correct.  Sigh.  In any event, when I realized I was wrong AGAIN, I realized that at least this time, I could just cut the yellow border down to the right size an the move forward.

I’m not thrilled abut the blahness of the colors here, although I do love these fabrics (and do prefer the yellow border over the purple and white – score).  That said, I’ve decided to do the FULL embroidery project and I felt any other fabric I’m using (heretofore unblogged) would overwhelm the needlework which is subtle and extensive and labor intensive.  I really do not want to do that much work and have it get visually lost.

The quilt is getting a bit too yellow heavy.  The remaining fabrics have a lot more purples, blues, dark pinks, reds and light blues.  I think I’m going to use the embroidery section to work those colors in.  it’ll be cool to see some colors we haven’t seen so far and then when I add those fabrics in, it will all look incorporated.

Off to grid my white band (for embroidery) and pick out my embroidery colors/figure out what i need to buy to finish the project.  8 hours later…. Learned a lot here, especially how to miter quickly and hopefully how to COUNT BETTER.  Sigh – the math is always my biggest challenge.


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