IMG_0833My plan to pop in some color  to the quilt is coming out very monochromatic and similar to what’s already dominant in the quilt!  Think I’ll swap out the yellow for some purple. Hmm.

This is why these projects take me more time.  I often have to see stuff before I can decide if it’s what I wanted or not.  I’m starting to remember that this is my process at least so I  don’t get bummed when I have to swap things out (or at least not as much – work in progress like everything else.)

Getting a hang of the new technique.  A few glitches (like when I tried to sew on the smaller fabrics to the larger templates – I was convinced I cut the wrong size triangles for an hour until I looked over my supplies LOL) but getting it together.  Gonna take a few of these basting pieces upstate with me. I see why so many like these hexi projects – this is sort of addicting….

For now, off to work.  And it’s Tibetan New Year – Year of the Wood Sheep – so perhaps I should say Happy N’ewe Year?  🙂  Have a great day, all.


2 thoughts on “Snore

  1. Christine Janove

    The old saying to make visual decisions visually holds true here! I like the yellow but will be interested to see how the purple looks.


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