English Paper Piecing Project – done (for the most part)

Well, after a weekend of hauling ass, the Craft Nook Sweatshop is officially closed. Which is good because my hands and arms are so tired, it is even difficult typing this.  I plan an evening off tomorrow.  But for now, I’ve finished up the EPP squares and here they are pre-trimming (I am just too tired to trim tonight – how sad is that?)


Close ups of each:

IMG_0839 IMG_0838

You’ll recall that my plan was to swap the gold triangles for purple which I did do but decided my original idea was better.  As you can see….


While the purple acts as a unifier for the four blocks, it’s a bit pandering – it doesn’t really work for the block itself, so, I swapped it back (another hour added to project).

I learned a lot doing this technique.  Matching the points got better as I went along but ultimately I had to do a lot of fussy sewing – some of those joins are actually four seams along the bottom each going point to edge so each section would join up and line up properly.  The only thing I feel I did not master was the edges.  Some of those are going to be truly difficult to join to the next piece because of reduced seam allowances.  I think I was trimming too much off the points before I joined in an effort to reduce fabric – I’m going to revisit that next time I do this technique but for now, I am IN LOVE with these color combinations and think these will look fantastic in the quilt… which is still in sections for now, but it’s slowly getting there. Off to watch TV and not use my arms for the rest of the night.  So exhausted!


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