Catching up, Part 1

The Handstitched Class quilt project is moving forward but to be honest, I am very behind the appointed schedule.  Life happened and thus I am now working to both move forward while also tying up the loose ends of prior lessons.  The past four lessons have covered reverse applique, applique, English paper piecing and embroidery.  I’ve done big bits of each assignment but ultimately I am stopped from starting the last lesson – hand quilting – because I have not finished the quilt front, much less piecing a back – ack!

So, I’m catching up.  Here’s what I accomplished this past Saturday.

This week’s lesson was all about applique.  She covered 3 techniques – I only had time to try the one we used for the quilt (hopefully I can try the others later – we’ll see!).  I’ve done some needle turn applique before but never fusible interfacing applique.  Talk about easy.  I love this technique and I immediately saw it as a way to fix my ripped up ‘upstate’ jeans without using those boring store bought patches.  So many possibilities with this technique!  Fun.

For the quilt, we were making several of the same block.  These blocks mimic the Reverse Applique feature block.


As you can see, the fabric I chose for the blossom motif is a busy print.  The needlework edging doesn’t really pop in any way due to that – oh well.  I tried both deep blue floss and the lavender I ultimately went with.  I think it looks great albeit subtle.  Plus – bonus! – having it blend left room for learning how to do this and not having it look crazy neat all the time.  Always nice for a new technique.  Still, I did a pretty good job – close up:


The next part of this assignment are some on point squares, sewn to present like diamonds.  I cut those fabrics (and also made the corner 4 point square blocks) but stopped there to jump back to an even earlier unfinished piece I hope to wrap up tonight.  More on that later.  For now, Saturday’s progress:


More soon as Catch Up Week continues!


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