Catching Up, Part 3

This weekend, I tackled the ‘on point’ squares so I could finish up week 4 “Applique”.  Here they are laid out but unattached (I have yet to fully complete week 2’s embroidery and I fear unwieldiness if I add these on before it’s done).


In context:


Getting colorful, right?  It leaves me a bit unsure how to proceed with the next round which is a solid. Do I stick with white or add another round of that deep blue? Or even lavender or green? Thankfully I have a few more days to figure this out as I’m only halfway done with the embroidery.

I did 4 of the gems this weekend.  They are uber-time consuming so it’ll be at least next weekend before they are finally done.  Still, they came out well enough.

IMG_0851 IMG_0852

Also added in a few new fabrics for the on point squares – favorites that matched.  Why not?  Fish!

And some leftover Mushmouth fabric (the lining fabric):


In sum, I LOVED making the on point squares.  They are like magic.  The instructions were very clear – thankfully – because they were not intuitive to me at all.  I just followed along and, boom, they turned out great.  So pleased.  Fast and beautiful and flashy technique. I’ll definitely be doing this again.

More soon…


3 thoughts on “Catching Up, Part 3

  1. Melanie McNeil

    Looks great so far. For your most recent (and unattached border,) I’ve found that when putting squares on point, or with any heavily pieced border where there is some stretch, there can be problems making it fit right. (Ask me about the border I attached today…) Fortunately for you, the solution is in the lavender bars next to the center motifs. If you need to either let it out or take it in, those will be a good place to do it.

    Is this your design? Very pretty.

    1. Alexandra Post author

      Thanks for the tips. This is completely not my design. I am taking a fantastic online class taught by Rachel at Stitched in Color called “Handstitched” – this is her design which hits 5 different techniques. In the course of things, though, there are many little extras like the ‘on point square’ technique which is machine. I’m really enjoying her class – it’s extremely well organized. She has a few – if you like a class, you may want to check it out. Thanks for looking at my blog.

      1. Melanie McNeil

        Sounds like a good project. I do like the embroidery accents. I’ve added embroidery after the fact to a couple of mini quilts, but never to a bigger project.

        I make a lot of medallion quilts so will look forward to your progress.

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