Catching Up, Part 4 – Whew!

I had hoped that this catch up post would show the entire front being done but alas, it is not nearly.  Busy times here so I’ll take what I can get.


Embroidery is done!  Each satin stitch section took over 3 hours!  I’ve watched/listened to many podcasts and Bones episodes to get through these.  Wow, so time consuming but they are really beautiful so the hours have paid off.

My bf and I spent some time together auditioning various solids and both agreed that light green will be a good color for the hand quilted border that will surround all this.  That bottom center square is the shade.  Hopefully it’ll be a nice addition.  Will be shopping for that tomorrow.

Speaking of nice, this particular bouquet of fresh flowers (Iowa brings me flowers almost every week – he’s a catch, folks!) are so nice I took a photo.  The vase is new to me – my Mom gave it to me as she downsizes for an upcoming move.  Lovely, right?


Happy Spring, folks!


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