Catching Up, Part…. *cue sound where car sputters and dies….*

Sadness.  I finally got to the quilting store today to get my extra solid light green fabric and they are out and have not even reordered it yet. They could get it for me in a ‘few weeks’.  The dilemma is,  me taking a break from a project for a few weeks can become over a year (historically) and I really want to finish this project.  I did check carefully for the solids that they had in stock that would work.  See circles below.  The green sad face is perhaps self-explanatory – that is what I WANTED AND CANNOT HAVE. *deep breath*

IMG_0844 marked

I’m leaning toward the lavender, dark purple or darkest blue (part of EPP corner – can’t really see it but it’s circled).  The light blue and yellows are not really colors I like a lot.  They work in the quilt but I’m not sure I want to see more of them.  The medium aqua blue I adore but it just may be too intense.  On the flip side, the white could be too blah.  I’m going to spend a day or two mulling this over but this pretty much means I’m on hiatus for a week which I hate but I’m going to learn to adjust and concentrate on the third Century Trillogy book by Ken Follett (great book!).  Reading is Fundamental.  Right?

See you all in a bit. Hugs.


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