Catching Up, Part 5 – How fussy do you get?

I attached the on point square/applique strips tonight, hoping that – in context – this would give me more of a direction on the solid round.  I’m going to reevaluate at daylight.  As you can see, at 10p, the lighting in my apartment is not so good.


Joining was tricky.  Some of the EPP sections are SO close to the edge, there was no way not to cut off the points when joining.  Bummer but overall, whatever.


Also the directions didn’t suggest lining up the appliquéd parts with the 2″ squares but it would probably look better lined up.


All that said, I’m thinking of living with these mistakes – good practice for this perfectionist and I also think it looks kind of cool.   There is so much going on in this quilt – – you have to sort of be looking to see these things.  And the errors give it a handmade authenticity, so there.  🙂

One more late night shot. Wow, bad lighting.  I’m beat.  Good night, all.



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