Catching up and moving forward

Despite my lack of updates, I’ve actually been spending a lot of time on the quilt.  Here’s where it is:

IMG_0872I added the blue mitered border, made the side strips (although I see an error there which I’ll fix later) which are currently just sort of pinned on to keep them out of the way and also made a scrappy binding (not shown).

That said, I’ve spent so much time on this thing, it seems a crime to just fold it up and leave it on the couch.  Also, we have a fantastically soft couch blanket that my bf, Iowa, was crushed to learn was ‘leaving’ the couch.  As the words “when I finish this I’ll start on a quilt for our bed” left my mouth, I thought, why?  This thing looks great – it should be on our bed.

Which means it needs to get rectangular and bigger.  Ultimately it will be a slightly small double quilt.  I spent Friday night trying out ideas on paper for how to grow it and I think I’ve come up with ideas that will work enough that it won’t appear to be ‘tacked on’ but rather, ‘groovy.’  This weekend I’m working on the rectangularization which will be achieved by adding (to the top and bottom of the blue) 60″ X 6″ sections – a combination of blocks with some appliqué and embroidery in the corners.

I started working on this today.  I didn’t want to do a direct repeat of the original appliqué but I also wanted to keep the theme.  This is what I ended up with:


I’m perhaps embarrassingly  proud of the border design – the first time I’ve made my own.  I drew many borders on paper and finally came up with this (inspired – I’m sure – by the embroidery books I looked at last night before bed – Sublime Stitching and Doodle Stitching).  I drew it onto quadrille paper so it would be straight enough and then used my window to draw it onto the fabric. Not bad, right?

That said, it is very hard to embroider.  I should have made the loops larger – they are so tight.  You can see looking at them that I was having a hard time.  At a distance, it is totally fine – whew!  Also, the stitching I’m using – stem stitch – is taking FOREVER.  I’ve embroidered since I was young but I sort of do it and then don’t do it for a long time, so I watched a stem stitch tutorial online and got to it and it just felt so weird and awkward.  At one point I sort of forgot myself and my hands just starting doing a different stem stitch, more of a backstitch stem stitch.  Aha,  I do a different stitch!  In any event, my way is much easier to me so I’m sticking with it even though It kills your thread.  I can always buy more of that.

3 more of these motifs to go, then to add the blocks.  I’ll post another update when it’s all on.


4 thoughts on “Catching up and moving forward

  1. Melanie McNeil

    I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. Most of the medallions I make are square. That said, at least four in the last few months have been non-square rectangular. It’s an interesting process to take it to a different shape. My most recent two started with non-square center blocks, which makes the process easier in some regards and harder in others. Today’s post is on one, and tomorrow’s is on the other. Here is a link.

    1. Alexandra Post author

      Your quilts are really spectacular. The stained glass truly looks like stained glass! It also doesn’t look rectangular although I can see that it is. You really cheat the eye well with that. Impressive.

      I also love the tree of life. You’re right – starting with an oblong shape really helps things. That certainly would have helped me LOL.

      At the risk of going off the rails, my quilt is getting even weirder due to some size constraints in my bedroom. I’ll post more when I figure out what I’m doing but I love the new round I’m adding – after that, I still have to figure out!

      Thank you SO MUCH for the vote of confidence. I’m still fairly inexperienced and I’ve never made a large quilt. It’s a bit daunting. I’ll post more soon.


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