I live in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC. If you are not from around these parts, HK basically surrounds and expands out from the west side of Times Square. Hell’s Kitchen includes the Theatre District a/k/a “Broadway” and it is loud, crowded and an overwhelming place to live (it used to be super cheap to live there – and thus, my ‘choice’ of location).

Tourists can leave. People who actually live here survive by knowing the secret oases in this chaotic area. One such oasis is the Clinton Community Garden which Iowa and I are proud to be members of.

The CCG is one of numerous NYC community gardens. Built on abandoned city-owned land, these gardens are maintained and run by volunteers. The only requirement to be a (free) member is proof of residency and some volunteer hours. The CCG has many talented landscapers. It has been spectacularly beautiful of late so I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

We’re growing flowers in our personal plot and two are about to bust out:  Purple Mums and Pink Snapdragons.

2015-05-27 08.18.502015-05-27 08.19.00Our next door plot-neighbors are growing roses.

2015-05-27 08.19.32Some shots of the main garden that anyone can enjoy.

2015-05-27 08.21.052015-05-27 08.21.182015-05-27 08.21.382015-05-27 08.21.48Yes, I’m still sewing. I got sidelined by a bunch of family obligations and then general laziness. I started a fashion sewing class at FIT last night which will be INTENSE and will post more on that as it develops. For now, I hope everyone is having a beautiful spring. See you soon.


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