FIT Class #2

Today we learned how to thread the machine, sew straight lines on actual fabric and began our instruction on seaming.  We will learn five seams/finishes overall and learned two today.  We will never use a serger to finish clothing; at FIT, you learn couture.  If you want to use a serger, you are in the wrong class. You will never use a serger at FIT unless you are making a knit and you won’t even get to knits for 2 years, you got it?  *professor wrinkles nose at idea of serger on woven fabric*

As I said, this class is intense.  That said, I’m super excited to learn couture finishes.  I love the fussiness but I have to really check in with my self and turn my perfectionist OFF.  This is a learning process and she’s emphasized we should be okay with it.  Not being perfect is always tough for me – I’m glad I get to practice that here as well.

So today we learned a basic ‘plain seam’ and a tailored seam a/k/a edgestitch seam.  Having sewn many many straight lines making quilts I actually got this together pretty quickly. What killed me is the fact that you have to thread the machine needle using only your eyes and my eyesight, especially at night, is nicht so gut.   I got tired near the end, kept breaking my thread and having to rethread the machine (5 minutes each time) and really wanted to kill someone.  That said, I persevered and a full 1.25 hours after class ended, finished all my work for the upcoming Tuesday.  Class ends at 8p and we can apparently stay in the room until 2a.  I left a couple people still working when I left at 9:15p – alright then.

Behold, my ‘to be handed in’ tailored seam:

2015-05-28 22.39.10

Naturally, there is a right way to sew these and the right way to press them (seam to each side while tugging a bit to flatten, then open it and do the same, then flip it to the right side and press one more time, this time using steam if needed) so we practiced all that.  Next week we learn flat felled seams, Hong Kong seams and French seams.  As for threading the machine, I’m going to bring a flashlight and some super strong glasses I got at Duane Reade to put over my usual glasses and see if that helps.  And also be super super careful about not breaking the thread.    Maybe try a magnifying glass too.  As much as I really like the Juki machine (sews like a DREAM), I really missed my automatic needle threader, like wow.

For now, it hurts to type I’m so tired so I’m heading to bed.  Hugs.


3 thoughts on “FIT Class #2

  1. atkokosplace

    That’s fantastic! I’m taking a sewing class too! Sewing your own things just opens up endless possibilities to all the creations you’ve had in your head! Best of luck to you in your sewing! 🙂


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