Etsy Craft Night

In case it is unclear reading this blog, I have the best boyfriend ever.  In addition to being fun and supportive, he is also very curious and open to trying new things.

We tend to do activities instead of dinners, etc. for major events.  These days, with his daughter about to start college, we are trending toward the budget friendly so instead of a Broadway show or the like, I suggested going to Etsy Craft Night to celebrate our 7th anniversary (May 8th).  He was game enough and loved the price (free!).

Etsy Craft Night is held at Etsy Labs (owners of once per month at their Brooklyn headquarters at the foot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges.  After a picnic dinner in a nearby park, we headed down the hill to Etsy to see what Craft Night was all about.

It was a blast.  First of all, the staff there are lovely albeit young – best line was when the teacher imparted “What you may not know is macrame was a popular craft of the 1970s” to nods of the younger students, as if it were olde times. (Iowa pointed out that she wasn’t ALIVE in the 1970s which kind of flipped me out. First time I’ve ever ACTUALLY felt old in my life!)

In any event, they had free snacks and drinks and, in addition to teaching us macrame (supplies provided), they also had little plants, planters and potting soil for us to have.  Iowa ended up LOVING macrame (it is very relaxing) and we both came out with cute planters which are now happily hanging in our apartment.


IMG_2044IMG_2048BVery cool, right?  Making the night even more awesome was that as it was twilight when we left, we walked back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge during the sunset into that spectacular skyline of the city I love.  Best anniversary ever, thanks to Iowa and Etsy labs.  SCORE.


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