FIT Class #5. Sigh.

Feeling a bit frustrated after the last class.  We finished most of the hems, drew out the skirt pattern which looks like a great learning experience with pockets, a kick pleat and other details, and then in the last FIVE minutes before the end of class, our professor did the fastest demonstration of a curved hem ever…. much to my personal detriment.  I just don’t get it.  I don’t get how you get the inside gathered part to lay flat.   This is a KEY ELEMENT.  And I don’t get it. I’m not sure anybody else did either.  Sigh.


I’ve done three so far.  The tan one I did tonight.  I honestly don’t know if it looks better than the last one I did in class (green).  The frustration is not that it looks bad but that you do have to do most of it (45 minutes of work) before you know it’s not going to work.  I really want to (a) avoid this hem like the plague, (b) do it the way my mother used to do it which is a variation on what she showed but way easier/possibly not as neat (although neater than what I churned out here) or (c) find a completely different way to do this.  Perhaps this is the couture way but I’m sure no couture person would find my hems acceptable.

GRR. I hate when I can’t figure stuff out. Even my edge stitching on tonight’s is not so great.  The plus is that the edge stitch on the Juki at FIT is not so bad.  So some progress there.


Purple Edgestitch at home – not so straight.

On a positive note, both look great from the front.  If she’s grading on that, I’m golden LOL.


Hopefully I’ll get some good feedback on this but I think this is one I’m going to have spend more time on.

Tomorrow, we start cutting out our skirts.  After a frustrating shopping day Monday, today I went to Paron, where I got – in five minutes – a fantastic Donna Karan khaki fabric for $8/yard.  It feels *amazing* and fulfills all the teacher’s requirements so I’m pretty psyched about that.  Got a few different zippers and threads – might try a contrast thing. I’ll show that next.


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