FIT – Skirt is finished!

You feel like you missed something, right?  The skirt was in pieces and now it’s done and all you get is this ONE photo.  Apologies.  I took it to FIT to take photos on a dummy and then the professor ‘collected it’ before I could take more.  It came out exceptionally well, especially the waist and the hem.  The zipper was a TRIAL but I finally got it right (enough).  I will post more photos when I get it back.

For now, we’ve moved on to the blouse.  Wow, this was some tricky work tonight.  I went with the floral after all (going to attempt a sundress with the deep blue and white) and it is so busy I can’t see the markings and so thin that it is tricky to work with.  That said by the end of class tonight it actually looked like a blouse already – wild.  Still, curves. OMG – so tricky for me, although by the end of the evening I feel like I had it.  The teacher was really great with me – I got very upset and she yelled at me “I will not let you fail at this!”  It was very sweet in her snarky way.  I got a moment later to tell her how much i appreciated it and I really did.  Very glad to have her for an intro class – she really sticks with us all to the end.


See that side curve.  Looks so innocent there but truly a pain in the ass.

IMG_0042As you can see we’re doing french seams throughout.  The equation is that for a 1/2″ french seam, you start with a quarter inch plain seam with right sides OUT and then cut it down by half, fold the right sides around that plain cut down seam and enclose it with another 1/4″ seam.  The trick is to sew the first seam right sides out.  See those needle marks on the top of the fabric?  Yeah, I didn’t do it right the first time.

Close up of one of the diamond darts that pulls in the back. I love all the shaping in this shirt.  Imagine if you could actually see it? LOL. Top is yet another curved french seam; bottom is the dart.


The back:


You can see now how the diamond darts really shape that back.  I’m amazed it already looks like a shirt.  I love the fabric, it’s super fun and I like the weight of it to wear so I’m glad I’m getting used to working with this fabric.  Still, all those curves – which you really can’t even see since the fabric is so busy… totally exhausting evening.

And now, more flowers.  One last shot – this time of the mums in our garden.  They are liking the summer!


More soon.


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