FIT Shirt and V8870

Very busy over here at the ‘Nook.  To the FIT class shirt, I’ve added a yoke, collar (most of it) and the center front facings.  Tonight we start setting in sleeves.  It’s been a whirlwind.  I found the collar set-in very tricky.  Not so much the sewing but the centering.  I ended up doing it 3X, the third time using a very small basting stitch [photo] and a LOT of pins for the center section and finally it lined up well enough (we had to have it 1/16″ or less – hard to do! but apparently visually beyond that margin and it actually looks off).

Close up of collar.  Pretty happy with it.


And onto more ‘learning experiences’, this weekend, I decided to make a dress to wear ‘down the Shore’ for this coming 4th of July weekend and see where I am with my FIT skilz.  This was the plan – V8870 in this view:


Overall it is coming out… okay.  Unfortunately, I took the sizing at their word (forgetting about how much ease is built in) and made a 16 and it’s overall looking big to me.  And despite spending a lot of time trying to fit the bodice well to me, it’s too high in order to fit over my chest, too long (I’m having to take it up in places – very invisibly yet unartfully) and way too big in the lower half of the dress.  Still, I got to do French seams, mock french seams, a baby hem, tailored edges, figured out how to overlock on my sewing machine (not a true overlock – a fauxverlock if you will), how to insert elastic,.. I mean, I learned a LOT.  And it’s wearable.  It’s just not great.  Here are a few shots of it pre-hem.  I’ll post some interior shots next week when I’m back from my trip.


Desperately needs a belt.  I’m going to look at thrift and see if I can find something.

And the meh-fitting bodice.

IMG_0066I’ve decided to get a dressform later this summer as one of the bodice issues is it is nearly impossible to adjust things on yourself when you are wearing the garment.  I really wish the whole top of the bodice sat about 2″ lower.  i actually have a spare yard of this fabric so if I get really good at sizing stuff, i might remake the bodice.  For now, it is what it is.  More photos of this when it is finally done.


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