The Airflute. Supermatic!

Konichiwa, friends:

Iowa (the boyfriend) and I spent the past week sunning and funning down the Jersey Shore.  Part of the ‘funning’ was a trip to our favorite thrift store which, this time, had this baby for sale:


Based on this fantastic questionnaire, I believe it is a Singer 15-30 Japanese knockoff.  According to this blog, 15 companies made over 5,000 different brands of machine in the post-WWII years in Japan.  There’s almost no documentation on them available.  Mine clearly says ‘made in Japan’ and lacks a serial number or any identifying marks other than “Airflute” “Supermatic” or “Deluxe”.  It is in excellent condition and despite having definitely-the-wrong-bobbin supplied with it, it sewed well enough to fix my boyfriend’s shorts which had conveniently ripped that day.

Back view:


It will live AT the boyfriend’s since he has the space and I’m there on weekends, etc.  I’m planning to download a Singer 15-91 manual (15-90 manuals seem to be lacking online and I think the 91 is close enough) and purchase new bobbins and oils to appropriate lube my new baby.  Exciting!


4 thoughts on “The Airflute. Supermatic!

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  2. Howard

    I think your sewing machine is an “Airflyte,” not an “Airflute.” If you look under the word “Supermatic” you can just see the stem of the “y.”

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