FIU15! – Blue Pillow for Bedroom

Now that FIT is done for the summer, I’m getting back to my Finish It Up ’15 project (which, in the back of my mind is always abbreviated as “F it Up ’15” – less positive!).   I made a list of WIPs and tonight decided for an easy win – The Blue Quilted Pillow I was making for my bedroom. The  idea/pattern is from Crazy Mom Quilts.  I love the combination of bright fabrics in a sea of white.  My apartment is filled with color so white is always welcome. This project was done but not assembled.  Tonight to finish, I needed to cut a back for it out of fleece, insert a zipper and sew and finish the edges. The pillow form for this pillow is the guts of an old chenille pillow that was falling apart.  As the chenille was a favorite of my boyfriend (due to the soft factor), I decided to skip the back I originally made and use a soft fleece so at least one side would feel like his old pillow. After that, the only challenge left was the zipper.  I still don’t feel solid on zipper insertion (although I’m getting better) so I decided to try a ‘simpler way’ I found online.  Mistake.  The instructions really did not work.  Next time I will suck it up and just do it the FIT way with basting, etc. I had to actually sew part of it by hand to finish it (the tutorial ended up missing some steps – the dangers of the internets!). Zipper in, side seams sewn and finished all around and here is a close up of the finished product: Front.  It’s ditch quilted around each square: IMG_0134 Great fabrics, right?  Photo of soft fleece back: IMG_0133 Close ups on some favorite fabrics.  The fish are making an appearance in the Modified Modern Medallion Quilt as well.  The final pillow is 20X20.  Love it! IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0139 Good night all!


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