DIY Pressing Board


Airflute comes up the long hill from the car, courtesy of my sherpa BF, Iowa.

With the addition of the Airflute to my bf’s home, the only thing keeping me from doing machine work upstate at the Craft Nook North was a pressing situation.  Given that our camping cabin is 10X10 (including a queen sized bed), a traditional ironing board wasn’t going to work.  So yesterday, I set out to make a pressing board, following this great tutorial I found via the powers of google.


I mostly followed her instructions.  All told it took about 2 hours and that was probably longer than it would take someone else.  I wanted to learn how to use the saw (as opposed to just having Iowa cut the board down), so that added a few minutes.  (Iowa was impressed by my ability to really stick to the cutting line but really it operates visually just like lining up a sewing line with a presser foot.  Convenient!)

I sanded the edges and back, and then, because the back of the board was so rough, I decided to glue a piece of fabric across that with craft glue so that took a few minutes.


To complete the pressing side, I laid a piece of batting over the front and then a second larger piece of fabric atop that and used a staple gun to fix it to the back of the board.  I toyed with turning the edges of the fabric under to make the underside of the board super clean but decided that was too fussy for a camping cabin ironing board.



I skipped the suggested felt bottom as it seemed fine as is.  The final dimensions are 15″ X 22″ to fit perfectly on my small table up there next to the Airflute and I also sized it to fit in a large ziplock for storage/travel.  The only thing I had to buy outright for the project was the craft glue – the rest were leftovers I had on hand (the wood was Iowa’s cut off).  All told it cost about $5.   Fabric is home dec weight from IKEA.





I sewed all weekend getting to know the Airflute a bit (so far so good, although the bobbin winder is wonky and likely needs pro help).  Being able to sew upstate  made being up here a lot more satisfying for me.  It’s always fun here but I’m often just reading or seam ripping small things that need to come out (ugh) – the crappy projects.  Ultimately, I often choose to stay in town when Iowa comes up here just so I can get something done.  Now I get to accomplish things AND see my bf and enjoy the birds.  Looking forward to many hours of sewing up here.  Excellent!



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