Red Pillow – update

When I last worked on this project, it was just looking too white or blah or something:


Between then and now, I bought 3 different red and pink fabrics to try to jazz this up.  This weekend, the Airflute and I sewed up some of the red and the pink.


I’m still not sure about the red.  It may just be too much.  In a vacuum, with the small square strips removed, it looks good, but all together just doesn’t look integrated.  Plus I love the pink – so that red border may get swapped out for more pink.  I love the crewel work and then love the mini-squares with the pink; the question is that border for the crewel.

I also auditioned a background fabric that will surround the whole project.  Not sure which way to go but I may continue with the pink check fabric.  I want to work on the Medallion Quilt this week so I’ll likely drop this project again for a couple weeks but it was super fun to get to know the Airflute on this project.  I worked a lot with tension settings and also stitch length.  It took some futzing but I think the Airflute is going to work out very well.  I’m very pleased with it.

IMG_0193 IMG_0192
IMG_0190What to do?  Going to let this mentally marinate for a bit.  Any preferences among you guys?  More soon.


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