MMM Back – Going Scrappy!

I’ve started creating the back for the Modified Modern Medallion (MMM) quilt.  I originally thought I’d do the ‘big sheets of fabric’ thing just to get it done, but with the amount of scraps I have and the size of the ‘Nook overall (plus I LOVE these fabrics) I decided that at least part of the back would be composed of scraps. Here’s some of what I have so far:


IMG_0197Obviously, this takes a lot longer to do.  But I’m hopeful, if the Airflute cooperates, that I can get some of this done next week while we are ‘down the shore’ and still be on target to have this sucker basted before I start back at FIT at the end of August.

I’m having some issues with my home machine, Brother N450.  I’ve cleaned the race several times, changed the needles, changed the bobbin and the thread and still, if I don’t rethread it ever hour or so, it is skipping stitches.  It feels weird when I thread it so I suspect there is something going on ‘behind the scenes’ where I cannot see it.  I’ll need to get it fixed pre-FIT so I’m just trying to limp it along until I go on vacay and then I’ll haul it out (literally, no car here in NYC) to Queens when I get back.  It is what it is.

I will run short of scraps for the back but I found some stashed other-beloved fabric that will hopefully blend in enough. The fabrics that are left on the screen are used in the quilt already.  The other three are the reinforcements.  Those coupled with some leftover solids should make it work.  Fingers crossed.



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