MMM Quilt Front is done!

We were ‘down the shore’ last week for a blissful week off.  Or mostly off.  I did some sewing in addition to kayaking, swimming, jumping lots of waves, biking, reading and snoozing – of a secret project to be shown later – but for now, being there meant we finally had the room to show off the finished Modified Modern Medallion quilt-top I finished last week.  Behold:

IMG_0223 IMG_0216 IMG_0214IMG_0217It is of course *windy* down the shore but I think you get the idea.  The center (up to and including the blue) is Rachel’s design from her excellent Handstitched class.  Her quilt ended up being a true 60″ square Medallion.  I wanted mine to fit my bed so I added 6″ each to the top and bottom to mimic the shape of a double bed (the multi-colored ‘teeth’ section with loopy embroidered edges) and then added some extra rounds of scraps and an additional plain quilting (the yellow) round to bring it to my final chosen size of 75″X87″.  I’m very pleased with this extremely ‘happy’ quilt.  Can’t wait to quilt it!


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