Sewing Machine TRAUMA.

My Brother NX450 was acting up the past month so I took it in for repair about 2 weeks ago to a new shop to me, Gizmo Notion.  I was encouraged by the incredibly nice shop owner/repair man.   He seemed great – I had such faith!

Ultimately, the machine is still not sewing well and in a couple ways is worse.  I took it to him because it was skipping stitches despite needle changes, race cleaning, etc.  Also the automatic needle threader had died several months ago and while I can live without it, it makes my life easier to have it fixed so….  When I picked the machine up, it seemed better (but he stated the threader could not be repaired at all) but I still was unsure if it was skipping stitches (it wasn’t).  HOWEVER, he put so much oil in the machine that now, a week later, I am still getting oil out of it.  Luckily it has damaged only one thing – which was a sample so who cares – but it has made me anxious about sewing a great deal with it.

Well, ‘not sewing’ is not a problem because it just will not sew this quilt sandwich.  It seemed clean enough and I’m on a deadline so I thought I’d take the risk.  I’ve tried adjusting the presser foot pressure, changed the needle… It just will not advance the sandwich consistently.  So I have about an inch of good and then an inch of tiny stitches – it just looks SO BAD.  And it’s hella hard to rip out.  Also the thread cutter suddenly won’t cut the bobbin thread.  What is going on?

Upshot:  2 weeks after taking it into service, it is no longer skipping stitches but it is now leaking oil, won’t cut thread and won’t advance the feed dogs properly.  It seems to do with the weight of the quilt (which is not large).  My sample sandwich of oil-stain fame will advance no problem.  But the actual quilt?  Nada.  I have made quilts on this machine before of similar size with absolutely no problems so this is an anomaly.  A very frustrating, ill-timed anomaly.

So I’m not sure what to do.  I can go back to him and demand he fix it but since oiling it seems to be his method of fixing, I’m just not feeling like he knows what he’s doing on this Brother machine.  That said, there are almost NO options for sewing machine repair here in NYC.  He is the closest to me and I don’t have a car.  It looks like my other options are both WAY out in Queens (involving multiple trains and a bus).  Do any of you NYers know of a repair place that you like?  Reviews for the garment district are horrible.  I am so sad – this quilt is a gift that was supposed to be delivered on Sunday and that’s just not going to happen. Also I go back to FIT classes in 2 weeks and I am a bit freaked out that my home machine is so wonky.

Thoughts? Advice?  Someone please save me. I’m at my wits end!

Thank you in advance for any help!

Update:  I swapped needles again, rethreaded everything and it seems a bit better.  But I’m doing this all the time.  So please lay those tips and repair info on me.  I can really use the help. Thanks!

Further Update: Nope. It is skipping stitches again and now the tension looks wonky. Stopping. Likely heading out to Bayside, Queens tomorrow. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Sewing Machine TRAUMA.

  1. Carol S

    Definitely worth going to Sewright in Queens. Go see Harvey. It is not as bad a trip as it seems. Take the F train to Union Turnpike. When you exit the subway you are right at the Q46 bus stop. Take it to the Union Turnpike stop at Springfield Blvd. You will be right outside the store.

    1. Alexandra Post author

      That’s what I did! (Although due to MTA shenanigans it was 5 HOURS from midtown there/back – MTA!!!). I’m going to try to pick it up on a weekday which will hopefully involve less track work. Thanks for posting – it affirms I went to the right place. Can’t wait to get it back….

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