FIT Draping – Dress 1 complete

I’m pretty happy with it, mostly with the fit.  The color is me-designed and is pretty boring but at 12:30a last night I was in love with it.  So I may go down to school on Saturday and drape a new, less-nun-like collar.  But this one does the job enough.  Love the way the skirt fits.


Collar close up.  Wow, it looks really big. I may make this smaller:


Back of collar:


Side-ish view:


I fixed the front fit issues by taking in the side seam at the waist, grading to the line I was at at the under arm side seam.  It fits much better now.  I also adjusted the sleeve pins after I looked at the textbook and realized mine were incorrect.  Pinning seems to be very important to these teachers and thus… it was worth fixing.

At this point though, I’m not completely done.  I hadn’t realized that we were required to produce a technical drawing (I think, as opposed to a fashion illustration) and the swatch we’d make it in so I’m back to FIT today, this time to the library to get a book on how to do that.  My dreams of a light weekend are dashed – I’ll be working on drawing this thing.  But it’s exciting to see how much we’ve learned in only 4 classes.  Next week we start draping dress #2.  Onward.


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