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Fabric Giveaway

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning over the past few months (winter) and have some larger cuts of fabric I won’t be needing.  Any NYers want some free fabric?  Here’s what I have:

1.5 plus yds (60″W) Blue and White cotton, medium weight (summer skirt weight but not wimpy), no stretch or very little:

4 yds (60″W) Purple-blue/Green/White cotton/poly medium weight (for a summer dress or lined summer suit), no stretch.  Has a really nice weave, see close up.  Overall colors are more deep than photos show.  And the green is more of a true kelly than shown here.

1 yd plus (62″W)  Donna Karan medium-heavy weight camel color khaki cotton fabric. Has a really really nice feel.  The fabric is so wide you could easily make a shorter skirt with this.  And despite these photos it is darker – more like camel color.

1 yd (60″W) heavy weight hunter green cotton ‘duck’ fabric.  My stepmom had bought this to make an LL Bean type gardening tool bag similar to this.  It’s very nice material for this project if you are making something like that.

IMG_0532Get in touch if you want something and we’ll figure out to meet up.  Happy sewing, all!


Well, hello there!

Busy and also lazy summer.  What do I have to show for it?

Our first season at the Clinton Community Garden was – in my opinion – a big success.  We got a bunch of lettuces which were fantastic – some romaine and some leaf, many many flowers, tons of Basil and just this week the above cantaloupe!
The cantaloupe was perfectly ripe, smelled incredible and WAS sweet, but sadly lacked a real cantaloupe flavor.  We have two more babies coming up and we’re saving the seeds anyway.  Either it’s this variety or just this cantaloupe.  We can always try another variety next year but seriously, so fun.  From vine to stomach in under 30 minutes.

Good Eats (Garden NYC)

A few weeks away from the garden and things have exploded:

Look at those lettuces!  We’ve got at least 5 heads of romaine, some green leaf (think we planted a baby green mix and this is what we got).  Not sure what happened to the spinach but I’ll take this.  Yum!

Um, that’s a lot of basil and cilantro (especially when they are also planted in the ground as well….)

Nasturtiums we planted and some beautiful.. lily? that were left by the former owners.  And last, here’s what’s for dinner.  First harvest:


Meet GNiall

Much to update but, for now, meet the new addition to the CN family:


Made by the seriously talented Mary at PhenomeGNOME, you can order your own tiny gnome here if you are so inclined.  As for us, he’s so cute, small (3″) and well made, methinks he may be too tempting for the masses at the Clinton Community Garden and thus, GNiall will likely be spending at least a few weeks in the ‘indoor’ Craft Nook garden.  🙂

Actual Crafting at the Craft Nook

Really.  I do craft.  And clearly I do better with a deadline. To wit:

For the past four years I have been singing as part of the Nightwatch program at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, here in NYC.   This gig has been truly amazing and a joy to do.  It’s a contemplative Christian folk-rock gig where we are required to be ourselves and just create.  Very rare in church jobs that you are asked to be MORE yourself.  Bliss!

Sadly, our boss, Paul, is retiring.  Because we have all felt so lucky to do this gig and know him, we wanted to get him a retirement gift.  Our original eReader idea was nixed as we found out through ‘intel’ that he is not a fan.  Yikes!  In a moment of ignorance/stupidity/overly confident thinking, I volunteered to make a T-shirt quilt. We sell shirts for the program and had a few styles leftover and thus began a week of scrambling to make a small T-shirt quilt before our goodbye party the following week.  Yikes – it was close.  I was crafting up until an hour before the party.  To be honest the only reason it got done was because two of my co-workers came over the night before to finish tying the quilt so I could make binding at the same time – whew!

I had 6 t-shirts but really wanted a nine block quilt.  Additionally, one co-worker Kirk had recommended offsetting the cross and thus this design was born.

Nightwatch is a program that is done in the Cathedral after hours.  We do a lot of stuff in the dark or by candlelight and the kids stay over night, etc…  I wanted to keep it dark so I went with Kona Black for the sashing.  I pretty much just measured the black I’d need around the cross and thankfully it all worked out nicely.  Here’s the top pieced, pre quilting:

Not so great lighting but you get the idea.

And here is the quilt finished – front:

Notice my feet there?  It’s so hard to take pictures of quilts when you are alone.  I’m standing on my bed getting an aerial view LOL.  Here’s the back, again the fabric LIz Goodrick-Dillon for Timeless Treasures Fabrics, Pattern Liz-C looked very night sky to me and thus:

I added an 18 1/2″ black square for an inscription that another musician wrote out (after this shot) and our staff of 6 signed below.

Some detail shots:

Quilting.  Went with tying since we needed this done fast and others without sewing skills could actually pitch in.  Tied with 6 strands of run of the mill black embroidery floss:

Black velvet tabs for hanging:

The back of the binding is hand sewn, the front machine.

So overall – it was T-shirts backed with black fusible interfacing, the Kona black and Liz Goodrick-Dillon fabrics, tied with black embroidery thread with added velvet ribbon tabs for hanging. Very pleased with the results – go me/us!

Gardening (NYC)

Check out this lettuce!

That’s Romaine there.  We’d been away from Gnome Appetit (our currently-gnomeless (please send!) community garden plot) for over a week due to my Albany trip and wow have things grown!

We believe this is Arugula. It’s technically in the walkway but along the edge so we’re leaving it and just making a concerted effort not to trample it.

This is technically the beet patch but it seems the former owner’s dill was planted here.  Hmm.

Basil looking good.

Cilantro coming up.

Hmm.  It seems when we were watering, the seeds all migrated to one side.  This is parsley or more cilantro and…. something.  Oops.

And lastly – herbwise – the basil from seed.  Coming up great!

Nasturtiums also doing great:

We planted one tomato and one cantaloupe from the apartment. If they do well, we’ll plant the rest. More soon!