FIT – Fashion Art I Final Chanel Project

Our final project was to design a mini-collection for Chanel consisting of daytime dress, evening dress, suit (of course!) and a coat.  An inspiration image for this wasn’t required but I used one anyway since it pretty much showed what I wanted – sleek, elegant, classic.


Fabrics – On the left, for the suit-dress: two coordinating cotton/wool blend tweeds; 2nd column  – coat fabrics: faux-mohair (faux-hair?) coat weight, brown silk-velvet (pocket edging) and a photo of the fur I was using (deep brown mink); 3rd column – eve dress: brown silk-velvet, brown poly charmeuse for the pleats and a sample of beaded strap; far-right – suit fabrics: pink boucle-ish tweed (poly/wool) and pink silk for the blouse, pocket trim and ribbon tie.


Suit left; suit dress right.  Her suggestion ‘for next time’ was to do more outlining on the suit components so they’d stand out, same comment for pleat on front of suit skirt which you really can practically not see.  For the suit dress, more horizontal lines so it looks more tweed.  For the tweed on right, I used markers, colored pencil and water colors to get that effect.  Tough but I got close enough to suggest the fabric and that’s all you need.


The above are my favorites.  The teacher coached me a TON on the right (the garment, not the rest) which really made it stand out.  Had a little trouble with the 3/4 view face (which she never saw prior to this) but that was not really something we spent much time on so I think she gave me a bit of a pass on it.  Media used on the dress – marker, colored pencil and brown eye shadow for shading.


Flats of all but the suit blouse (not required).  I think these came out really well.  Here you can see the views not shown in the art work.

A few close ups:


I could probably make this mohair more ‘furry’ next time. IMG_0886IMG_0885

I love these shoes/boots.  They’re a bit out of typical season being white (collection was Fall) but I loved them so much, in they went.

Now for faces.  I see so much improvement from where I started.  Let’s remind ourselves:

Sample of first face project:


A month in I made this:


And this project:

IMG_0884IMG_0883IMG_0890IMG_0889Still need to work on my 3/4 faces (top blonde) but the blonde just above this text really came out great.  Not sure she could be prettier – just what I wanted with this deep brown outfit.

Next up – Sewing II which starts in a week.  We are making a suit jacket/blazer and pants. Thanks for reading along as I learn all this stuff.


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